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e of the universe. As the heavens rained water on the thirsty fields, so did clients shower silver coins on hungry waiters. How far, as yet, it was good for his soul he could not determine. At any rate, in his mild, unambitious way, he attained the lower rungs of happiness. I do not wish it to be understood that if he had entered as a stranger, say, the employment of the excellent proprietor of the excellent H?tel de Commerce at Périgueux, he would have found the same contentment of body and spirit. The alleviations

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the H?tel des Grottes would have been missing. His employer, while acknowledging his efficiency still regarded him as an eccentric pro

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or, and apart from business relations treated him as friend and comrade. The notables of the town accepted him as an equal. To the cav

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ellers and others of the proletariat with whom he had formed casual acquaintance, he was still “Monsieur Martin,” greeted with the s

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shade of courteous deference as before, although the whole population of Brant?me knew of his social metamorphosis. Wherever he went,

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is walks abroad, he met the genial smile and raised hat. He contrasted it all with the dour unwelcome of the North London streets. The

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e had always felt lost, a drab human item of no account. Here he had an identity, pleasantly proclaimed. So would a sensitive long-sen

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e Convict, B 2278, coming into the world of remembering men, rejoice that he was no longer a number, but that intensely individual ent

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Bill Smith, recognised as a lover of steak-and-kidney pudding. As a matter of fact, he seldom heard his surname. The refusal of Bigour

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